Newcastle United

Newcastle United's away kit for the 2009/2010 season

Newcastle United's away kit for the 2009/2010 season - Steven Taylor is doing a fairly good job of not bursting into tears...

For my first (ever) blog post I thought I’d begin by echoing the thoughts of football fans across the world – LOL Newcastle!

Before I get lynched by any Toon fans who read this I don’t mean it quite as harshly as it comes across.  I genuinely feel sorry for the club and its fans, who only five years ago had reached the dizzying heights of Champions League football thanks to the late Sir Bobby Robson.  The reason I say “LOL Newcastle” is because I laugh in pity at the owner and the players, many of whom allegedly do not want to leave the club because nobody else will pay them the wages they command from their Premiership contracts.  It seems that a club once so rich in tradition and pride has been replaced with stupidity and greed, and as the new season rapidly approaches it honestly seems like relegation to League 1 is more likely than a swift return to the Premier League with the 2009/10 season put down as merely a slight blip in Newcastle United’s history books.  It really is sad to see the club literally self destruct in such a short space of time, which strangely enough began as soon as Freddie Shepard sacked Sir Bobby more or less.

Since being relegated we’ve seen few pre-season friendlies played amidst the unveiling of one of the most ridiculous away kits ever made, Mike Ashley attempting to flog a club nobody really wants, key players getting the hell off the sinking ship while they can and still no permanent manager – culminating in a couple of draws and a 6-1 spanking courtesy of Leyton Orient.  Yes, the League 1 club, which makes you wonder exactly how Newcastle United are going to fare against teams in their own league.  Before worrying about that there are more important things to sort out of course, but time is rapidly running out with their first competitive game being played this weekend against West Bromwich Albion.  Before then a new owner is needed, a manager put in charge, and they need to get rid of those players who simply don’t want to be a part of the team.  For example there’s certain players who consider themselves better than the Championship and are only staying put for the sake of their wage packet, then there are those who have promised to give 110% all season to earn promotion – those are the players they need in their starting eleven even though they may not be the best available.

I have to admit I’m really looking forward to the game between Newcastle and West Brom.  Will Ashley have sold the club?  Will a permanent manager be in charge?  Will they players get their heads out of their own arses and put the teams’ best interests before their own?  Hopefully some questions will be answered this weekend but it wouldn’t surprise me if nothing has changed and West Brom, another team looking for promotion again give them a major thrashing.


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