Brian Kendricks release


It all went wrong once Zeke went out on his own

Right after Monday Night Raw this past week (he got embarrassed by Kofi Kingston you might recall) The Brian Kendrick was released from his WWE contract.  At first I must admit I was surprised, I had a feeling it might have something to do with an attitude problem he’s carried since his tag team days with Paul London which isn’t far from the truth, but even so he seemed like he had a fairly bright future ahead of him as a singles competitor at one time.  My initial assumption to him being released was basically because he had quite a sizeable push over on Smackdown before being relegated to the jobber division of Raw, and if that were the case I don’t blame him for being upset.  At the same time as his drafting his bodyguard Ezekiel got drafter to ECW, which is more or less a decent move for anybody to begin making a name for themselves.  It worked with Bobby Lashley and to a lesser degree Jack Swagger, although he’s working his way up the Raw roster so good luck to him.  Anyway, seeing Big Zeke competing on ECW was a brilliant move, but that pretty much signalled the beginning of the end for poor Spanky on Raw.  Sure, he’s got charisma, in-ring talent and the will to take a good bump or two every now and again, but in a land where Triple H rules over massive guys like The Big Show, John Cena, Mark Henry and so on little Kendrick never really stood a chance.  Vince McMahon has always liked guys with a huge physique over those with wrestling talent, taking into account The Ultimate Warrior, Hulk Hogan and John Cena.  Those are all household names so it’s a tried and tested formula, so with rare exceptions like Shawn Michaels and Bret Hart to make it as a wrestler in the WWE you… need to have no wrestling talent whatsoever, and be built like a brick shithouse.

So, Kendrick never had a prayer on Raw, he didn’t have his badass bodyguard to complete his gimmick anymore and he had a bad attitude.  Not to mention the main reason for his dismissal was due to a repeated drug testing failure.  So while I was surprised by his released at first I’m certainly not now that the facts have become apparent, it seems to me like he condemned himself to an eventual release (which was likely, apparently there was talk of him being fired months ago but Pat Patterson convinced the head cheeses otherwise) and let himself go, ‘sticking it to the man’ with his marijuana habit, bad attitude and as it happened being less than interested in maintaining a high level of ring work.

I must admit the circumstances leading up to his firing were a little harsh, he got beaten easily by Jerry Lawler a couple of weeks ago and then by Kofi Kingston last week, then he was told he was being released for financial reasons.  Understandably he was being a tool with his drug habit and whatnot, but blatantly lying to him served no real purpose.  “Kendrick, you’ve been repeatedly warned and fined for your repeated drug use, bad attitude and shitty ring work, YOU’RE FIRED!!” with the in-character McMahon voice might have convinced him to change his ways and pave the way for the future return of the revitalised Brian Kendrick, but it doesn’t seem likely to happen now.

Shame really, because while I understand the circumstances surrounding his release I was a big fan of his character, he just needed to be 50lbs heavier.


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  1. I heard he got fired because of Drug use, nice topic nonetheless 🙂

  2. It was, yeah. A marijuana habit which is what caused him to fail several drugs tests.

    Glad you like the topic, thanks. 🙂

  3. Kane AkA Cake

    Only up side from this is possibly seeing Spanky back in the independents, I’d love to see Pro Wrestling Guerilla pick him up and have him take on London since they have some personal beef with one another apparently.

    But nice topic, haven’t watched WWE in a while so it’s nice to get an update once in a while 🙂

  4. Jacky Williams

    I would love to see Kendrick in CWA or ACW… you know, so I can get a quick run with him and stuff.

    Keep in mind though, Spanky left TNA on good terms a few years ago, and we all know that with little WWE success, you can be a main eventer in TNA.

    So maybe him leaving will help his career or maybe it wont. Either way, I want to face Spanky in the ring one day.

  5. Well Kane, I can tell you he’s been booked to appear on Pro Wrestling Guerilla. On August 28th he’s going up against Bryan Danielson, should be an awesome match.

    I’d love to see you and him go at it Jacky, I’d insist on another YouTube video if that happened.

  6. Kane AkA Cake

    Jacky vs Spanky FTW
    And lulz at Super Dragon picking Kendrick up and making him go straight against The American Dragon 😛 London’s a main eventer for them so I guess it’s quite a good idea a similar styled wrestler like Kendrick should get pushed fairly quickly up to the highest ranks, though I feel sorry for Kendrick, Cattle Mutilation’s lethal x]

  7. justinsblogdxx

    Well, hopefully TNA will hire him, but i think it was the right choice to fire him, hes been nothing in WWE, all they did was make him look like an idiot.

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