Game prices on the rise

Now, as most gamers already know the price of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 will be retailing at a considerably higher price to regular games, in the United Kingdom at least (let us know if it affects where you are) where the standard edition will be £55.  That’s the equivalent of almost $90, and by comparison not many games ever retail for more than £35 so it’s a massive increase.

Activision, the team behind the game are considering it a test for the future, because it’s near enough a foregone conclusion that Modern Warfare 2 will be one of the top selling games of the year.  This has set a worrying trend for other developers as they too want to see if they can get away with raising the prices of their games, but too add to all of that Activision want to potentially raise their prices even higher still which you can read about here.

The problem is, as long as people are willing to pay excessive prices for these games the developers will continue to push the boundaries of what’s considered acceptable retailing.  One thing that’s worth thinking about is this though, if we’re paying through the nose for games like Modern Warfare 2 it gives everyone involved the incentive to charge more for their next game, yes, but at the same time it’ll give them the incentive to improve on it perhaps further than they normally would.  Eventually games could cost double what they do at the moment (in fact they’re not far off now) which is a hit to us paying customers, but with the amount of revenue generated it would be fair to say the developers would put in that extra bit of effort to make their next title worth the inflated cost.

With that being said they need to be careful because if the cost of video games becomes too high people simply won’t pay for them, so it’s a fine line these developers are willing to cross.  Still, I might be speaking only for myself here but if increased prices equates to better quality games in the future I’m all for it, as long as it doesn’t get too out of hand.  We already know that Modern Warfare 2 will be excellent (see the demo video below from this years E3), people might complain when they’re queueing to buy it but six months later they’ll probably feel they’ve got their moneys worth.


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  1. Kane AkA Cake

    55 quid?!?!?! In a recession!?!?!

    I’ma buy my games from Asda 😛 it’s cheaper and I get a 10% discount x] The thing is, as gaming software becomes more and more advanced, the price is going to go up for the consumer, imagine, for example, the PS4, an advanced PS, and thus more expensive than the PS3, and the XBox 720 costing more than the PS3, one of the things I know fanboys complain about is the price of the PS3 so I highly doubt their love of Microsoft is going to push them on to buy the next generation of the XBox

  2. That’s a good point, but there was a time when SNES and Nintendo 64 games were retailing for £60 or more. I vividly remember forking over £70 for the original Turok and Donkey Kong 64, that was painful.

    But still, that does seem likely as consoles in particular are getting more and more expensive to develop.

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