Tokyo Gore Police

That was one messed up movie.  Being a fan of Japanese films I was expecting Tokyo Gore Police to be a little bit messed up, but it far exceeded my expectations.
Without spoiling too much, mutants are basically plaguing Tokyo, and they have the ability to grow lethal weapons when a body part is removed.  Chainsaws for arms, that sort of thing.  Safe to say they took it to extremes with this:


I’m sure you’ve already worked it out and are now sporting a ‘WTF?’ face, but the story behind this image is that they guy got his manhood bitten off and a two foot penis cannon grew in its place.  This is just a measure of how messed up this film is.

Overall I found Tokyo Gore Police itself to be decent yet ridiculous, but it’s the simple fact that it’s (intentionally?) hilarious that makes me recommend it to anyone who likes films with a nice bit of over-the-top gore, violence, a two-foot penis cannon and a Japanese woman in uniform.


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