Internet Memes

I’ve never been much of a fan of Internet memes, fads and whatever else, but upon discovering an Auto-Meme website it struck me just how out of touch I am with the world of teh Interwebz.

Looking at these randomly generated memes like “I think Nine Inch Nails is a pretty cool guy. Eh punches gamers and doesn’t afraid of anything” and “your beer is not hairy” means literally nothing to me and isn’t even slightly amusing, I guess that comes with not being apart of the 4Chan dickhead movement that saw their head honcho named ‘most influential person of 2008‘ and post masses of porn posted across YouTube just because they can. Of course that website is seemingly responsible for nearly every meme found on the Internet, and while some like Lolcats have some measure of humorous appeal a large percentage of memes (Rickrolling in particular) are incredibly irritating.

Despite being a young man of 24 and proficient enough when it comes to the Internet, memes still continue to baffle me. When I see things like “So I herd u liek Mudkipz” I just want to repeatedly slam my head against the desk, considering the World Wide Web is one of the most significant inventions ever it’s appalling to see it flooded with so much crap by people who are in a lot of cases a similar age to me. It wasn’t an issue when it was confined to a small dark corner where the community could giggle among themselves from the comfort of a mental home or parents basement, but now it’s spread to a lot of websites I visit every day where I don’t expect to find random idiotic memes that make no sense other than to a bunch of paedophiles and porn addicts from /b/. They should keep their fucking memes to themselves.

FAP TO THE PLANETS! Oh God, I’m so random.


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