Football Manager 2010 looking impressive

It’s only a couple of months until the release of the next game in perhaps the most infuriating series since Megaman, but the latest instalment in the Football Manager series is looking good.  Bits and pieces of information are slowly trickling out of the Sports Interactive headquarters regarding Football Manager 2010, so here’s a preview of some of the things you can expect to come this autumn.

FM 2010Polish – a year of polish, making the game faster, more immersive, more realistic and easier to play with better in game feedback and more advice, delivered in a more user friendly way.

Improved Match Engine – improved AI, over 100 new animations in 3D mode, new stadiums and crowds, improved pitch degradations and better lighting make for the most immersive pitch-side experience ever.

New User Interface – a completely new vibrant look and feel to the game, plus a navigational overhaul. The side menu is replaced by an intuitive tab system, based on extensive consumer feedback and usability studies, which allows you to access all areas of FM 2010 quickly and easily.

Tactical Overhaul – a new tactics module makes it much easier to make your team play as you want them to. There are thousands of possible pre-set options and touchline “shout” instructions for making instant changes to your teams playing style. Don’t worry; the old system is still there for people who love their sliders.

News Center – a subscription based newspaper. Get the news about the football world around you that you want, and not the news you don’t want.

New Data Editor – including a brand new Competition Editor allowing you to add competitions and extra levels for leagues currently in the game, and add completely new competitions and leagues all via a very simple to use editor. Plus, the new editor allows you to keep your game up to date more easily than ever before.

The source of this news can be found here, along with various screenshots and links to further information as and when it’s released.

With the new tactics editor seemingly anything is possible

With the new tactics editor seemingly anything is possible

The tactical overhaul feature is the main point of interest for me.  I’ve always loved how in-depth the Football Manager games are and giving almost total freedom for tactics will make it that much more engrossing.  Touchline controls sounds good as well, the ability to shout instructions from the touchline (much like you can in the LMA series presumably) should be a fantastic addition.  On a final note the competition editor sounds brilliant for those who want to add very low league clubs and players to the game (or even a custom league featuring a Star Wars team potentially taking on an X-Men team for example) which will add to the longevity of the game for those with a little imagination.

Football Manager 2010 is scheduled for release on October 30th 2009, so no doubt armchair managers across the world will be swearing at their monitors on that date.  I certainly will be.


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