My Premier League predictions


After writing a blog entry on whether or not Manchester United can retain their Premier League title I decided to give a complete list of how I think the Premier League table will look at the end of the 2009/2010 season.

1 Chelsea
2 Manchester United
3 Liverpool
4 Arsenal

5 Aston Villa
6 Manchester City
7 Everton
8 Tottenham
9 Fulham
10 West Ham
11 Bolton
12 Sunderland
13 Blackburn
14 Portsmouth
15 Wolves
16 Wigan
17 Stoke

18 Hull
19 Birmingham
20 Burnley

Simply put, I can’t see United retaining this year due to various injury problems, lack of firepower up front and the loss of Ronaldo.  Chelsea are pretty much the only top team with a stronger side than they had last time around and I think they’ll win it fairly comfortably in the end.  I can see Manchester City and Aston Villa in particular giving Arsenal a scare for fourth place, and while I think one of them (the most likely being City) will replace them eventually I think the Gooners have one more season of Champions League football left in them.  The usual suspects will occupy the mid-table positions and I can’t look beyond Hull who survived by the skin of their teeth to stay up last time to get relegated, last season they were fortunate enough to get an early run of form but they won’t have such like this year.  I think Birmingham and Burnley will join Hull in going down.

As for cup winners this is a total guess:

FA Cup winners – Liverpool
League Cup winners – Manchester City

A more likely scenario is Chelsea winning one trophy and United winning the other again, but it would be nice for a little variety.


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  1. Don’t ocunt out Man U. They are going for a historic four peat. No one in EPL history has ever done.

  2. bobbymarshall

    Pompey and Villa will be lower than 14th and 5th, count on that. Apart from that and the top three, I’d say you’re exactly right. L’Pool, Man U, Chelsea.

  3. – da best. Keep it going!

  4. Wolves*

  5. Great site…keep up the good work.

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