Big names to host RAW in the future

Fans of WWE show Monday Night Raw will know that in recent weeks they’ve put together a ‘guest host’ gimmick for the show, attracting some big name already like Seth Green and particularly Shaquille O’Neal but more importantly gaining a 10% viewership increase since the idea began as well as mainstream publicity.  As it turns out the news site Lords of Pain is reporting that even more big names have already signed up to host the show, including Bob Barker, Al Sharpton, Nancy O’Dell, Floyd Mayweather and LeBron James.  Either because I’m British or (more likely) largely ignorant regarding American celebrities I’m not familiar with those names excluding the last two, but it sounds pretty good all the same.

Shaq is perhaps the most famous person to how Raw to date

Shaq is perhaps the most famous person to host Raw to date

Not only that, other celebrities are reportedly in talks with the WWE to also host a Raw show, which the writers are hoping will continue right on through until possibly WrestleMania 26 next March.  These names include Pete Wentz, Ashlee Simpson, the Osbournes, Danny DeVito, Regis Philbin, Kelly Ripa, Jimmy Fallon, Rachael Ray, MC Hammer, Woody Harrelson, Serena Williams and Ashton Kutcher which are people I’m familiar with and hoping they’ll give it a go.  The Osbournes in particular would be fantastic.

Of course the primary reason for those hosting Monday Night Raw is to promote whatever book, TV show, sport, movie etc they’re part of at the time, which is very similar to being on a talk show but a lot more fun.  Not only that but as mentioned the WWE is generating a lot of mainstream interest which they rarely get due to wrestling be considered a very low-brow form of entertainment, in recent years they worked out its benefits with the use of Donald Trump and Floyd Mayweather among others so it makes sense to capitalize on the idea and make it a more regular occurrence to include celebrities from other forms of entertainment.

It’s truly a win-win situation for all involved, the guest hosts get to promote whatever they’re doing, the WWE gains a ratings increase as well as mainstream publicity and of course the fans seem to enjoy it.  I don’t know if dragging the concept right through until WrestleMania in just over six months time is a good idea however, fans tend to grow bored of repeated ideas quickly and chances are the quality and celebrity status of the guest hosts will gradually decrease as time goes by.  Still, fans should enjoy it while it’s fresh at least, which is all the WWE will hope to work with and maintain its freshness for the time being.


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  1. Great article – well written, and I’ve got to agree with you on the whole, the standard of guest hosts will obviously go down over time, though reports are abound that Shaquille O’Neal is set to return to RAW full time for a run with the Big Show – so that will quite possibly be Show’s opponent at WM26 unless an inevitable return to the overall Main Event scene beckons before then.

    But let’s face it – when those two had chokes on each other it was like Godzilla vs King Kong – the electricity was fantastic – so perhaps they could do what they did with Bam Bam Bigelow and Lawrence Taylor and make that a Main Event match for Wrestlemania 26 – something a little different, though I doubt it.

    The Osbournes would be killer guest hosts though, and I’m sure Jack in particular would excel in that environment.

  2. I’d like to see a Big Show vs Shaq feud leading into WrestleMania, the electricity was indeed fantastic and Show seems the perfect guy to work a program with non-wrestling celebrities such as Akebono and of course Floyd Mayweather last year. It would be interesting to see the outcome against Shaq though, history already tells that us the outside celebrity usually win matches like Lawrence Taylor did all those years ago.

    Floyd Mayweather has been confirmed to host Raw in the near future (next weeks show on the 24th I think), I’m wondering if perhaps he and Show will pick up their old feud and Shaq will have something to say about it igniting a new feud. It seems a little early but it would make sense.

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