In a musically giving mood

Today I thought I’d share with you some pretty cool free (and totally legal) albums and EPs, because I’m in a giving mood.

We’ll start with a really good progressive metal solo project by a man who calls his project Cloudkicker.  He’s done a couple of self-released EPs and albums which he distributes for free, because in his words other than the cost of guitar strings what he does costs nothing and he’s simply wants to share his work.  This album is called The Discovery and features a very powerful instrumental sound, there are no vocals which is a shame in many ways but nonetheless it’s a fantastic piece of musicianship that’ll get you nodding along in no time.


Artist: Cloudkicker
Release: The Discovery
Format: Full-length
Year: 2008
Label: Self-released
Country: United States of America
Genre: Instrumental Progressive Metal
Official Website

01. Genesis Device
02. Dysphoria
03. Avalanche
04. Everything’s Mirrors
05. Viceroy
06. Segue:
07. The Discovery
08. Covington
09. Triumvirate!
10. States

Download MP3



Next up is one of my all-time favourite metalcore releases, and Maelstrom by Haunted Shores is totally free for added awesomeness.  It’s a seven track EP featuring some really melodic guitar riffs and solos, be sure to check out the final two minutes or so of The Hollows.

Haunted Shores

Artist: Haunted Shores
Release: Maelstrom
Format: EP
Year: 2007
Label: Self-released
Country: United States of America
Genre: Metalcore
Official Website

01. Via
02. Wraith
03. The Turning of Tides
04. The Hollows
05. Crown of Ages
06. Flourishing
07. The Shading of Sin

Download MP3



Finally (for now), this is an interesting release from a Swedish outfit who call themselves Sai.  You wouldn’t know that looking at them because they play visual kei music, which is almost exclusive to Japanese artists.  They pull it off convincingly with this EP however, finishing off with a very good cover of a Luna Sea classic.  Great stuff for fans of bands like malice Mizer and Moix dix Mois, or for those simply wanting to try something a little different.


Artist: Sai
Release: Neurotic Disorder
Format: EP
Year: 2008
Label: Self-released
Country: Sweden
Genre: Visual Kei/Alternative Rock
Official Website

01. 1989
02. In Chaos
03. Lunatic Moon
04. Shallow
05. Dawn
06. Rosier (Luna Sea Cover)

Download MP3



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