Pay what you think Championship Manager 2010 is worth

Kotaku have picked up on the news that Championship Manager 2010 can be pre-ordered digitally for as little as one penny – you can name the price you think is fair. For some reason there is a transaction fee of some kind which will set you back £2.50 which would be understandable of you got the proper retail version of the game and it covered postage and packing, but I guess the reason for it is because a lot of people will only be buying the game for a single penny otherwise and they need to make some money on the product.

You can pre-order the game for as little as £2.51

You can pre-order the game for as little as £2.51

The idea is similar to what Radiohead did last year with an album release, and the promotion runs between now and September 10th before the game goes back to its full price for its full release the day after.  You can register and pre-purchase the game from the official Championship Manager web site if you’re interested, but there is one thing to note though – this is a pre-order offer and you will not get a download link until the games full release date on September 11th.

On the one hand, you get a full video game for as little as £2.51, which for some could be considered a bargain no matter how crap the game might be.  On the other hand this is Championship Manager, a series that has dramatically and spectacularly gone downhill since their main developers Sports Interactive left them and created the far superior Football Manager series in 2005. Also you can’t actually play the latest game until September 11th even if you buy it nearly a month earlier.

To be honest I don’t think the deal is worth it, unless you’re still loyal to the Championship Manager franchise or living in the dark ages of football management.  Considering you won’t be able to play the game until September 11th and Football Manager 2010 (which is light years ahead in every respect) is released just over a month later I think you’re better off waiting until October 30th and paying £25 – £30 for what will definitely be a vastly superior game.


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