Spurs for the title?

It’s outrageous to assume the ‘Big 4’ clubs of the English Premier League could ever possibly finish outside the top 4 league positions by the end of the season, but if early performances are anything to go by it looks as though we might maybe have a slight reshuffle on our hands come the end of next May.  The title of this blog post is incredibly far-fetched and in a lot of ways wishful thinking on my part, I don’t support a Premiership club but I’ve always had something of a soft spot for Tottenham Hotspur and would therefore absolutely love them to break up the Big 4 again and maybe go one better and ultimately win the league.  Alan Hanson perhaps jokingly said “Spurs for the league title” after watching them totally annihilate Hull City on their home turf, and after putting a bit of thought into it I truly believe it could happen this year.  Their chances are slim but as long as there’s that element of hope I’ll continue to believe it can happen.

Can the Big 4 be broken up this season?

Can the Big 4 be broken up this season?

Looking at the facts despite only being two (or still one for some clubs) games into the season it shows it could happen.  The clubs’ chances of winning the league are naturally very small and it’s not something I’d bet money on but at least it gives the neutral football fan or a supporter of a club that isn’t United, Arsenal, Liverpool or Chelsea some hope that another club might put a spanner in the works and totally mess up the following seasons Champions League payoff for one of them.  At the moment Spurs look to be the team to do that.  They seem to have got their defensive problems more-or-less sorted out as Corluka finally appears to at least act like he knows what he’s doing, Benoit Assou-Ekotto looks lethal as an attacking full-back, Hutton is a useful workhorse and Bassong has already proved to be an excellent signing.  Not to mention Gomes in has finally put his goalkeeping difficulties behind him.

The midfield is where the team truly shines in my opinion, they’ll be the key to Tottenham’s entire season if they remain consistent.  I’m a huge fan of Lennon’s ability down the right wing and can’t understand why he doesn’t have a more prominent role in the England national team, but he is still young and will hopefully get his chance once player like Beckham finally call it a day at international level.  Wilson Palacios was probably the best player at Wigan before getting signed by Spurs, and despite only scoring his first goal for the club last night against Hull City he’s proved his worth.  Modric is probably the best player Tottenham has in terms of ability, it amused me that Alan Shearer essentially called him a ‘bargain player’ at a cost of £16.5 million but in all fairness that’s exactly the case.  It took him a while to settle in but now he’s got to where he wants to be he’ll be a highly influential and important player for Harry Redknapp’s team.

Jermain Defoe looks untouchable at the moment

Jermain Defoe looks untouchable at the moment

Of course no team will win games without their strikers scoring the goals.  Robbie Keane has almost picked up where he left off after a miserable spell at Liverpool but Jermain Defoe is the player of the moment.  He looks totally unstoppable and showed that by scoring two goals for England and a hat-trick last night, his consistent stand-out performances for his club will have no doubt got the attention of England manager Fabio Capello for his world cup squad.  If he can maintain his form there will be absolutely no reason why he doesn’t start every game between now and when we get dumped out of the World Cup on penalties in the quarter final, Michael Owen and even Wayne Rooney can’t touch the guy at the moment.

Sir Alex Ferguson is feeling the pressure

Sir Alex Ferguson is feeling the pressure

Yes, it’s a long way to go between now and the end of the season, and while optimism is somewhat getting in the way of what can be considered realistic I can see Spurs at least performing very well in the league if they can somehow maintain the form they’re in.  They put in a wonderful performance on the way to defeating Liverpool at home 2-1 and then obliterated Hull away from home 5-1, in comparison Manchester United lost to Burnley and struggled to defeat Birmingham, Liverpool as mentioned lost to Spurs and the manager is (again) having some sort of nervous breakdown, Chelsea very nearly blew it against Hull in their opening game and made life difficult for themselves by allowing Sunderland to score first in their most recent one, leaving Arsenal as the only Big 4 club who actually look convincing at this point in time. Manchester City have just defeated Barcelona at the Camp Nou in a friendly as well so they’re staking their claim as the next big thing in English football by doing something that their arch rivals failed to do in the Champions League Final last season.

Even though it’s still very early days I’m very confident that at the very least the league will be dramatically shaken up this season.  Spurs have absolutely flown out of the proverbial starting blocks and will look to maintain their momentum, all the while being helped by defeating one big 4 club already, watching another one lose to the team most likely to get relegated and a third struggling to defeat what is quite honestly vastly inferior opposition.  They must be happy that only Arsenal are as convincing as them at the moment, of course there will be many twists and turns over the next nine months but I’d love to see a surprise finish to the season – with Spurs as Champions.

Or 4th place, that’ll do.


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  1. Chelsea will win it. Spurs? What are you on.

    How many years can Lamps go? Its tremendous.

    Its good to see Deco apart of the setup.

    Don’t think we should be reading too much on the start since Hull are rubbish.

    I think he can be since Chelsea are employing the diamond system.

    442 Diamond Formation Analysis

  2. It’s wishful thinking when I say Spurs to win it rather than a proper prediction, I mentioned that more than once.

    I’m basing the opinion on the fact that Chelsea got lucky against Hull whereas Spurs ripped them apart, and Chelsea conceded to Sunderland before finally steadying the proverbial ship and replying with three goals.

    They should be fine now that Anceloti and the team are used to each other, but it is an encouraging start from Spurs that I’d like to see them capitalise on. At this stage of the season it’s impossible to say but I do agree with what you’re saying about Chelsea winning it. They just took longer to adapt to the managers style of play than anticipated by the look of it, but now they’ve got the diamond system figured out they’re easily one of the favourites to win it for sure.

  3. It’s definitely an encouraging start, though unfortunately I can’t really see anything drastic that’s happened to indicate the top 4 will be anything other than normal, other than what I’ve said before – Arsenal are losing steam, and Villa, Everton, Man City and Spurs seem to be gaining it, so whilst I can imagine one of these 4 teams finishing above Arsenal, I’m sad to say I think that’s about as far as it’s gonna get this season.

    Give it another year or two, and perhaps. I know what you mean about wanting Spurs to throw a spanner in the proverbial works mind you – but that said, on Saturday evening with Sunderland having won their first game I was dreaming of Champions League football. We can dream, though I think you’re right when you say its more wishful thinking.

  4. Chelsea’s squad is too old and now with this 16 month transfer ban, some of their stars may think about leaving in January. Liverpool need to find form but right now they’re looking like about third place contenders. Arsenal will fall apart over the next few months as usual, and Villa, Fulham and Everton have had pretty bad starts to the season, so we’ll see how Tottenham do this weekend before it’s possible to make assumptions like that. I’m beginning to think Spurs, City and Gunners will all be in the race for fourth place.

  5. Certainly seems that way now, although in the short term I still think Chelsea will be ok. I still maintain my prediction that they’ll win the league this season but possibly have trouble next season due to the ban, certain players will be looking for a new challenge and they can’t bring any new faces in as replacements either.

    After Arsenal got ripped apart by Manchester City (new blog post up on that by the way) their usual place in the top four looks to be in serious jeopardy, as you mention two or three clubs will mouth a serious challenge for that final place behind Manchester United, Chelsea and Liverpool

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