X-Factor songs revealed for Queen Week

QUEEN WEEK14th November 2009

It's Queen week on the X-Factor

Who Wants To Live Forever

Somebody To Love

Crazy Little Thing Called Love

We Are The Champions

Radio Gaga

Don’t Stop Me Now

John and Edward
Under Pressure

Some good songs are being sung tonight, although there are one or two interesting things that need mentioning.  Firstly it’s interesting how Lloyd, the weakest act on the show, will be performing one of Queen’s less powerful songs.  For those who aren’t familiar with Queen (under the age of 15 or living under a rock) they are one of the biggest rock bands to ever exist, in their heyday fronted by the late Freddie Mercury.  He was a man known for his unbelievable charisma, stage presence and massive voice – three things which Lloyd doesn’t have compared to his fellow competitors let alone one of the greatest musical performers to ever live.

Queen only really have a handful of mellow songs so in a way it makes sense to give such a poor performer a relatively simple song, but even so the kid should have gone weeks ago.  There’s only so far his boy-band looks can carry him, and with better singers like Danyl and Jamie performing huge songs like We Are The Champions and Radio Gaga he’s going to have to rely on that once again.  Everybody else is performing very powerful songs that will test their vocal ability, but excluding the awful performance John and Edward will no doubt display Lloyd is going to get destroyed tonight.

John and Edward have long outsatyed their welcome

I don’t know how many people will agree with me here but it’s about time the two weakest performers were in the bottom two rather than good singers being voted off week after week.  Rachel should not have gone the last time Lloyd was in the bottom two thanks to Simon Cowell ignoring his policy of “I’ll only judge you based on this performance, forget everything else” and disposing of Rachel because she’d been in the sing-off twice before – big deal, she’s a good SINGER in a SINGING competition.  The same happened last week when the ever-improving Lucy lost out to the twins, Cowell even said he’d once again only base his decision based on the two performances he heard but while Lucy was naturally light years ahead of the twins in terms of vocal quality he still voted to save the twins.

I realise I’ve gone into rant mode which I apologise for, but the X-Factor show is an absolute joke.  A large percentage of the better singers have already gone, and I do realise that the public do the voting so it’s up to them to put things right.  If they have any shred of common sense they’ll vote for who they think is the best singer for once, most likely leaving the twins and Lloyd in the bottom two were both acts should have been weeks ago.  I can’t see that happening, I’m expecting another decent act to go this week – Stacey or Olly most likely.  Maybe even Danyl, despite the fact that he’s consistently been the best singer on the show and has my vote to win it.


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