Today in Brazil Sony finally launches the Playstation… 2

Yes, you read that right, Kotaku are reporting that Sony’s nine year old Playstation 2 console has been released in Brazil today.  It’s retailing for R$799 which is the equivalent of $465 (£280 / €312), which I recall isn’t too much different from what it cost upon release in 2000 in Japan, North America and particularly Europe.

The PS2 was finally released in Brazil today

It’s incredible that Brazil are so far behind in terms of video games, and it’s ridiculous that Sony are selling a near decade old console for almost three times what its retail value is in other parts of the world.  Apparently piracy is quite a major problem in South America at the moment and this is quite obviously one of the reasons why.  It costs the equivalent of $115 to buy PS3 games over there on another note despite the fact it’ll likely be at least another five years before the console is even released, so chances are PS2 games aren’t much cheaper.  I bet there isn’t much of a library available yet either.


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