Khan to fight Pacquiao?

According to various news sources Amir Khan has expressed a desire to fight Manny Pacquiao after his first WBA Light Welterweight Title defence against Dmitriy Salita.  While that does sound like a mouth-watering clash between ‘young lion’ and ‘old lion’ in Khans own words the reality is that it would be the relative rookie taking on the seasoned professional – not to mention one of the best boxers of this generation.

Khan's 'glass jaw' is his biggest weakness

Therein lies the problem for Khan, he is still a rookie professional boxer.  Yes, he is a champion and has picked up some impressive wins en route to the title, but each fight was against vastly inferior opposition excluding Breidis Prescott – who knocked him out in 54 seconds.  The fact is it’s far, far too early in his young career to even be thinking about taking on a man of Pacquiao’s calibre in my opinion.  He also mentioned a potential fight with fellow Brit Ricky Hatton, but despite his fall from grace in recent years the two are still worlds apart.

In a fight against either Pacquiao or Hatton not only would Khan’s relative inexperience let him down but also what’s known as his ‘glass jaw.’  In case you hadn’t guessed that means he has an incredibly weak chin, and naturally taking blows to that area of the body happens frequently in a boxing match.  Both of the veterans he one day plans to fight would have no trouble exploiting his weaknesses and beating him with relative ease, other big names in his weight class like Juan Manuel Marquez and Floyd Mayweather would do the same as well.  Amir Khan needs to work on his defensive skills before challenging the big boys of boxing as well as get a lot more wins under his belt.  The guy is only 22 and has had as many fights in his pro career, whereas Hatton has 47 and Pacquiao has 55. He’ll need to notch up at least another eight wins or so (against better opposition than he’s faced so far) for me to take his challenge seriously, there’s no denying he’s a good boxer with a great future ahead of him but it’s simply far too soon to be thinking about challenging Manny Pacquiao.


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