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Final Fantasy XIII is almost here

Believe it or not there’s only two months to wait until the release of Final Fantasy XIII.  Over in Japan reviews have been good, but the same can’t be said about a large percentage of those who bought it.  Even so the game has whipped up excitement across the world, but what exactly will we be getting on March 9th?

First thing’s first, I’m no expert on this subject.  In fact up until about an hour ago I knew basically nothing about this game, but I’ve done a little research and to me it seems like a mix of good and bad if I’m being honest.

Firstly, Kotaku have done an article on the games’ first five or six hours of gameplay, and they seem less than impressed with the linearity of it all.  The article included the following picture, which is the first few hours pieced together.

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Football Managers: The Next Generation

Some shameless forum plugging for you now, today I’d like to share a new forum based on the highly addictive Football Manager series, which despite being in its infancy is shaping up to be pretty good – Football Managers: The Next Generation.

So far the forum features various boards to do with the game itself, as well as topics on real life sport, a general discussion board and a shoutbox, with much more to come in the future. The site also features innovative features like an Xbox Live link in your profile, a ‘cash’ system (which no doubt means a shop of some kind is on its way) and even a topic to make your own suggestions if you have any ideas of your own to share.

So, if you’re a fan of Football Manager or sport in general this site is well worth checking out, hope to see you there.

Best And Worst of The Past Decade

Since compiling various Top 10 lists in recent weeks there was one thing that slightly bothered me with it all, and that feeling was rightly echoed by various comments from those who read them.  Not only was it extremely hard to decide what ten video games, films and albums to put in each list but I felt that ten choices simply wasn’t enough.

So, for this blog post I’ve put together what I personally consider to be the best and worse of the decade that has now just passed, hopefully including a few more titles you’d expect to see in there.  We’ll start off with video games as that’s been a talking point for a couple of people, so here are my 25 best and worse of the decade – in order this time.

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