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“Nice to see your own fans booing you” or “why we’re playing like crap”

Wayne Rooney criticised the fans despite another poor performance

The title of this post is something uttered by England’s Wayne Rooney as he trudged of the pitch in South Africa at the World Cup after a dire 0-0 draw against Algeria.  With no disrespect meant to the North African country they are a team that should have been beaten comfortably, and so England were (rightly in my opinion) booed off the pitch after another poor performance.

Anyone who’s watched the World Cup will probably know that the England team had already played out a 1-1 draw against the USA the previous weekend, and while the States were considered to be England toughest opponents in a group that also includes Slovenia it was still supposed to be little more than a stroll to success according to fans, the media and betting agencies alike, and when that all went wrong it was considered a minor setback.  Matches against Algeria and Slovenia were therefore must-win games, and now with two games played and two draws as a result the team need to absolutely annihilate Slovenia to not only win back the support of their fans but also even qualify from the group their in.

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E3 2010

For this blog post I thought I’d share with you my personal thoughts and opinions on E3 2010, possibly the biggest and most important video game convention of the year.  Apologies in advance if I get each announcement in the wrong order, I’m writing this primarily from memory.

Last year I did exactly the same thing, and you can view my thoughts on 2009’s E3 showing in part here.  That focuses more on Nintendo’s frankly awful conference, but I do touch upon how good both Sony and Microsoft’s efforts were.  Both have a lot to live up to if they want to match last years’ event, and with Microsoft starting as is recent tradition they kicked off rather well.

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Guidelines for the English World Cup commentators

1. Within 1 minute of kick off in the opening match (South Africa v Mexico), the commentator must mention England.

2. Regardless of what two teams are contesting the final, England have to be mentioned within the first minute.

3. The commentator shall refer to the Falkland Isles in passing at some point during any England v Argentina match.

4. Whenever a hat trick is scored, comparisons with Geoff Hurst will be made within seconds of the third goal hitting the net.

5. Should England wear their red jerseys, then ‘1966’ should be mentioned approximately 20 times.

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