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Rare Fan Community Closes – Thanks To Rare Itself

Those of us old enough to remember the glory days of Donkey Kong Country and Goldeneye will no doubt look back fondly video game company Rare’s glory days, and then no doubt be reminded of when and how it all went wrong.

To give you some back story on Rare before we go any further, in their heyday from the mid-to-late-90s the company created several critically acclaimed video games, starting off with the Donkey Kong series on the SNES before going on to create such classics as Goldeneye, Perfect Dark, the Banjo-Kazooie games, Donkey Kong 64 and Conker’s Bad Fur Day on the Nintendo 64. Problems started to surface internally however, with what turned out to be a mass staff walkout between 1997 and 2000. Most of these staff members went on to form their own development companies, and all but a few closed down after only a couple of years in business. The damage to Rare had been done however, and they limped into the 21st century before being bought by Microsoft in 2002. They paid $365 million to have total control of the company, which meant that Rare became an exlusive first-party developer for any Microsoft console.

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Playstation Emulator for Android Developed

PSX4Droid is an interesting application for high-end Android phones that allows Playstation emulation to now be possible.  It works almost flawlessly with the exception of minor stuttering issues here and there, along with a couple of sound problems – sometimes the music inexplicably slows down or speeds up for some reason.

If you can ignore these flaws the app looks pretty good, virtual buttons are used like in most other games for the phone but for those who dislike this control method (because of the button placement it’s quite easy to accidentally press the menu button for example) it also supports Wii remote compatibility.

Now here comes the legal stuff, my knowledge is fairly limited on the subject but as far as I know the emulator itself is perfectly legal and currently costs $6 (about £4) on the Android Market.  However what you do with it from there most likely isn’t, seeing as the game ROMs (emulated games) are generally illegal.  However, depending on which country you live in ROMs are allowed for backup purposes, so for example if you own an existing hard copy or paid for digital version of Metal Gear Solid would be allowed a backup version on you Android.  It might be worth checking up on your country’s laws before going any further.

Of course if you’re reading this it likely means you’re interested in checking out exactly what the PSX4Droid has to offer regardless, but that little disclaimer is probably necessary all the same.  I therefore can’t tell you that Rom Buddy is a good site to download from and AndroZip is also a good site to visit to get you started.

World Cup 2010 Review

Well, it’s over.  The greatest tournament on earth came to a close on Sunday evening as Spain took on Holland in the final, so today I’d like to share my thoughts and opinions on the extravaganza with a general review plus a team-by-team analysis.

We’ll start with how the tournament played out on the whole.  I’ll begin by being brutally honest, the World Cup of 2010 was not as impressive as most of us hoped it would be.  The quality of the football itself was more often than not appalling, I’d love to see the overall stats for shots on target compared to those off target but it’s a safe bet to say the numbers are in favour of the latter – the amounts of shots, free kicks and headed attempts that cleared the top of the goal by some distance was ridiculous at times, and the ball specifically designed for the tournament played a huge part in this.

None of the players liked it.  They found it too light, unpredictable and generally badly designed, and when the players could get the thing going for the goal it gave the goalkeepers all kinds of trouble.  Excluding the French team, goalkeepers were made to look the silliest players of the tournament time and time again with shots that looked to be going straight at them suddenly taking a wild turn in mid-air leaving them flapping like fish out of water.  The Uruguay ‘keeper in particular probably suffered the most, combining his own errors with those that weren’t really his fault made him stand out as a player who looked dafter than he should have and will probably be remembered for those frequent howlers than the fact that he helped his team to a fantastic fourth place finish.

But enough about all that for now, let’s get on with the team by team analysis.

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