Playstation Emulator for Android Developed

PSX4Droid is an interesting application for high-end Android phones that allows Playstation emulation to now be possible.  It works almost flawlessly with the exception of minor stuttering issues here and there, along with a couple of sound problems – sometimes the music inexplicably slows down or speeds up for some reason.

If you can ignore these flaws the app looks pretty good, virtual buttons are used like in most other games for the phone but for those who dislike this control method (because of the button placement it’s quite easy to accidentally press the menu button for example) it also supports Wii remote compatibility.

Now here comes the legal stuff, my knowledge is fairly limited on the subject but as far as I know the emulator itself is perfectly legal and currently costs $6 (about £4) on the Android Market.  However what you do with it from there most likely isn’t, seeing as the game ROMs (emulated games) are generally illegal.  However, depending on which country you live in ROMs are allowed for backup purposes, so for example if you own an existing hard copy or paid for digital version of Metal Gear Solid would be allowed a backup version on you Android.  It might be worth checking up on your country’s laws before going any further.

Of course if you’re reading this it likely means you’re interested in checking out exactly what the PSX4Droid has to offer regardless, but that little disclaimer is probably necessary all the same.  I therefore can’t tell you that Rom Buddy is a good site to download from and AndroZip is also a good site to visit to get you started.


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  1. James McLean

    Thanks for not telling us where a good site for the ROMS could be, and I can assure you I will not visit it and won’t even give it a second thought 😛

    Unfortunately I don’t have an Android but I may check this out all the same – I hadn’t realised things had moved that far forward in mobile phone gaming.

    Cheers for the heads up, and as always a nice read!

  2. It may looked at as really manipulative, rude, or an attempt to get somebody to think some thing else that they do not want to believe.

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