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A review of Rumble In The Ghetto 3

Rumble In The Ghetto is an annual and successful event at the Westcoast Bar in Margate, generally showcasing local talent with the occasional bigger name.  This years’ headline act was originally supposed to be Deaf Havana, but they decided to cancel at the last moment due to receiving a Kerrang nomination for best newcomer.  They didn’t win, so that was worth it.

Despite that the promoters very kindly lowered the entrance fee, not that it particularly mattered to me either way as the local bands were what I wanted to see in the first place, so a reduction in price was an added bonus if nothing else.

Having heard a few of their songs on MySpace I was particularly interested to see Chronos, as it was their first live gig since forming earlier in the year.  They describe themselves as a post-metal band and take inspiration from the likes of Cult of Luna and Isis, two bands I’m very fond of so this was a band I didn’t want to miss.  I was extremely impressed with what they put together, sadly only performing a couple of songs but they were terrific from start to finish.  They had a very death-doom feel to their music in the same vein as Swallow The Sun and In Vain, and along with the aforementioned influences Chronos absolutely nailed their first gig with some fine musicianship.  I honestly cannot wait to see more from these guys in the future, they can’t come back to Margate soon enough. In fact they are, on September 2nd.

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EA Announce The Sims Medieval

In a piece of news that’s sure to excite fans of The Sims franchise, EA have today announced that they’re working on the latest instalment in the series entitled The Sims Medieval.

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