A review of Rumble In The Ghetto 3

Rumble In The Ghetto is an annual and successful event at the Westcoast Bar in Margate, generally showcasing local talent with the occasional bigger name.  This years’ headline act was originally supposed to be Deaf Havana, but they decided to cancel at the last moment due to receiving a Kerrang nomination for best newcomer.  They didn’t win, so that was worth it.

Despite that the promoters very kindly lowered the entrance fee, not that it particularly mattered to me either way as the local bands were what I wanted to see in the first place, so a reduction in price was an added bonus if nothing else.

Having heard a few of their songs on MySpace I was particularly interested to see Chronos, as it was their first live gig since forming earlier in the year.  They describe themselves as a post-metal band and take inspiration from the likes of Cult of Luna and Isis, two bands I’m very fond of so this was a band I didn’t want to miss.  I was extremely impressed with what they put together, sadly only performing a couple of songs but they were terrific from start to finish.  They had a very death-doom feel to their music in the same vein as Swallow The Sun and In Vain, and along with the aforementioned influences Chronos absolutely nailed their first gig with some fine musicianship.  I honestly cannot wait to see more from these guys in the future, they can’t come back to Margate soon enough. In fact they are, on September 2nd.

Next up was Predicting The Fall, a high-octane hardcore/pop-core band from the city of Canterbury.  The guys had a few issues with microphone sound and a guitarist breaking a string and having to do a bit of D.I.Y on stage while the rest of the band carried on, but once those problems were resolved they also put on a very enjoyable show with some catchy tunes and a likeable stage presence.  They played at the Hevy Music Festival in early August alongside names like Gallows, Glassjaw and Sepultura, they’re a fun band well worth checking out.

The Startover took to the stage after a short break, and as it happens I’m listening to their EP ‘Survivors Guide’ on Spotify as a write this.  It’s an enjoyable listen but seeing them live is in a different league, they also played at the Heavy Music Festival so they’re well worth a watch if punk rock is your thing.  Having already toured with the likes of Feeder, Ash and Hundred Reasons they’ve already got some priceless experience under their belts, and they showcased it brilliantly at Rumble In The Ghetto.

Unfortunately it would seem biased if I praised every single band on the bill (which I’m not as you’ll see later on), but Scholars were another pop-punk band which I felt were overshadowed by the previous two performances.  The one thing that stands out in my mind was how much one of the members resembled Russell Howard of Mock The Week fame, Scholars were decent enough but they simply didn’t quite make the grade for me.

Now Alaska did something I was not expecting.  Having heard several pop/punk/hardcore bands for most of the evening up to that point I certainly wasn’t expecting the crushing riffs and raw brutality that these guys unleashed.  I consider myself to be very open-minded musically but it was great to hear something a little more darker and heavier which was more like what I generally listen to at home.  They got the old adrenaline pumping for sure, and once again these boys played at the Hevy Music Festival and are well worth checking out if you want a more face-melting experience.

Sentinel unfortunately played their last ever gig at Rumble In The Ghetto, I talked to a couple of the band members prior to their set and basically they want to take their music in a heavier direction which presumably they can’t do under the Sentinel name, so whatever happens next should be interesting as these guys are very talented – not to mention a pleasure to be around. Sound problems sadly reared their ugly head once again, much to the annoyance of everyone in attendance. Once everything was finally sorted Sentinel put on an incredible performance, it’s a real shame they’re calling it a day after five years of playing together but they bowed out in some style. I saw them when they supported SOiL and enjoyed them a lot at the time, but perhaps due to the occasion they were in a different league this time around.

I have to admit I’d consumed a fair amount of beer since about 4pm in the afternoon, so by the time the penultimate act came on stage I was a little worse for wear. Harley D vs The Parliamentalist was the name of the set, two guys fusing dubstep and drum ‘n bass. I deliberately missed the majority of it as those genres of music don’t appeal to me, but I did watch as they put together a clever mash-up of George Bush quotes at one point.

LightsGoBlue were the final act of the evening, playing some sort of electro-pop that was very much enjoyed and appreciated by the younger members of the audience. This was the only band I genuinely didn’t really enjoy, again it’s a genre of music that doesn’t appeal to me.

On the whole though the evening was far better than I expected it to be, with the last two acts only being a let-down for me personally. The rest of the bands ranged from good to excellent, and the event was well worth the price of admission.


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