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Matt Cardle’s incredible X Factor performance

I know I’m a little late with this, but this past Saturday I sat down with apprehension to watch the X-Factor on ITV.  Like a lot of people I only really enjoy the audition stage for the atrocious performances, but this week one act above all others caught my attention, and his name is Matt Cardle.

Matt is a guy who hadn’t received an awful lot of recognition leading up to the Bootcamp stage of the competition, he’d comfortably got through his audition but from what I remember (which admittedly wasn’t much) he was a solid yet unspectacular singer.  On this night however he chose to sing Roberta Flack’s The First Time Ever I saw Your Face, and it stands right up there as one of the most stunning performances see on on these types of shows.  I won’t lie, this reduced me to tears.  Here’s the video of his song, enjoy it.


Friends of DTO

Today I thought I’d tell you guys a little about the various blogs and websites affiliated with this one, as each one is well worth a visit for one reason or another.


We’ll start with Dav3design, run by my friend Dave who I’ve known for more than 20 years.  His blog features an eclectic mix of personal adventures, unusual photography and some excellent 3D designs mainly based on various vehicles.

He updates the site regularly so it’s definitely worth bookmarking it, or if you’re a fellow WordPress user, subscribing.

DXX: The Blog

Next us is DXX: The Blog, which is one for the wrestling fans; e-fedding in particular.  DXX was one of the most active and consistently enjoyable e-fed forums between 2006 and 2009, in that three year period seeing some memorable feuds, characters, title changes and controversies.

Unfortunately the site was eventually shut down, but fortunately most of the core members keep in contact one way or another and this blog is designed to chronicle an eventual return for the site.  If  e-feds or wrestling in general interest you keep an eye on this one.

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Devastating The Obvious Is Now On Twitter

Just a quick update, after receiving a comment asking about the site on Twitter I thought it was a most excellent idea to set up a page over there, which you can find at

All posts from the blog will also be automatically posted there, as well as other tweets (usually) related to the site, so get following! 🙂

Great Ideas For Lego-Themed Video Games

Earlier today I decided to visit the GameFAQs website, and as normal vote on the Poll of The Day on the homepage. Usually they’re relatively uninteresting, featuring frequent “got PS3?” type of polls and seemingly endless character battles taking place all year round usually being won by Mario or Link of Zelda fame. Today’s one caught my interest though, as it asks “which game franchise would you most like to see a Lego version of?”

Lego Final Fantasy anyone?

I consider myself a ‘half-arsed fan’ of the Lego games, having enjoyed Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga and the demo of the first Indiana Jones game. I’ve yet to play the likes of Lego Batman, Indiana Jones 2 and Lego Harry Potter but they’re all titles I’d like to play sometime in the future, but despite that I also feel the Lego video game franchise has wasted some of its potential since Lego Star Wars started it all in 2005. That in itself was a fantastic start as people of all ages could enjoy it, but it all became a bit ‘samey’ with Batman and Indiana Jones providing games with more or less the same gameplay.

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The Greatest Free Kick Ever Scored Wasn’t A Fluke

Ever since Roberto Carlos scored the greatest free kick ever taken it’s always been assumed to be nothing more than a fluke.  A French team of scientists led by Dr Christophe Clanet discovered the trajectory of the goal scored in a 1997 friendly tournament game between Brazil and France and developed an equation to describe it, which follows the free kick itself (watch the replay in particular).

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