Friends of DTO

Today I thought I’d tell you guys a little about the various blogs and websites affiliated with this one, as each one is well worth a visit for one reason or another.


We’ll start with Dav3design, run by my friend Dave who I’ve known for more than 20 years.  His blog features an eclectic mix of personal adventures, unusual photography and some excellent 3D designs mainly based on various vehicles.

He updates the site regularly so it’s definitely worth bookmarking it, or if you’re a fellow WordPress user, subscribing.

DXX: The Blog

Next us is DXX: The Blog, which is one for the wrestling fans; e-fedding in particular.  DXX was one of the most active and consistently enjoyable e-fed forums between 2006 and 2009, in that three year period seeing some memorable feuds, characters, title changes and controversies.

Unfortunately the site was eventually shut down, but fortunately most of the core members keep in contact one way or another and this blog is designed to chronicle an eventual return for the site.  If  e-feds or wrestling in general interest you keep an eye on this one.

Justin’s Blog

This is a general blog by Justin (obviously), currently used for sharing his progress on learning PHP script.  He’s recently created a membership system for a website he’s been working on, so head on over there to sign up if you’re interested in helping out.

Loucifer Speaks

Loucifer Speaks is a rock and metal ‘webzine’ and forum.  Loucifer has worked tirelessly for more than three years to bring her readers the biggest and best news, reviews and opinions on the world of alternative music.  There’s also a Facebook, and Twitter group available to keep track of it all, the site is often updated every few hours so there are plenty of ways to keep up.

The Official Blog of James McLean

James McLean is an up-and-coming writer and photographer for various websites, most notably as a photographer for Hampshire Country Cricket Club and a writer for footballing website A Different League.  His writing is interesting, informative and often humorous, and he currently forms part of the writing team who contribute to ‘A Different Opinion’ on A Different League.

Most recently he’s been working on The James McLean Daily, which are basically his Twitter posts in newspaper form.


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  2. :). thanks for mentioning me! :D,

    i’m also following you on twitter 🙂

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