E3 2011 Conference Times

This years E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo) is getting ever closer, so for gamers anticipating the event here are the times for each conference.

US Times (PST)

Monday, June 6th

Microsoft – 9:30 AM

Electronic Arts – 12:30 PM

Ubisoft – 2:30 PM

Sony – 5:00 PM

Tuesday, June 7th

Nintendo – 9:00 AM

UK Times (GMT)

Monday, June 6th

Microsoft – 5:30 PM

Electronic Arts – 8:30 PM

Ubisoft – 10:30 PM

Tuesday, June 7th

Sony – 01:00 AM

Nintendo – 5:00 PM

I’m a little surprised about Sony’s conference being quite late for European viewers, but then again it will only be 5pm in the States but it’s a shame anyone with work or school the following morning will probably have to miss it in Europe.  Still, it gives them that little bit of extra time to fix the PSN… thank you, I’m here all week.

E3 is something I eagerly look forward to every year, you can read my full review of last years event or my thoughts on 2009’s disastrous conference by Nintendo which certainly proves that.  This years’ event is shaping up to be quite intriguing, no doubt both Microsoft and Nintendo will capitalise on Sony’s problems at the moment so they’ll have to provide a spectacular conference to get people back on their side again.  Look out for an E3 preview post nearer the time on DTO as well.


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  1. Liam Croft

    Thanks for the information! Looks like i’ll be having a late night on June 7th, with me living in England! 😛

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