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Gaming Under The Radar – Company of Heroes

These reviews have proven to be quite popular on this site, where I critique video games that have been largely overlooked by the community.  Previous titles Ive covered include Sonic & Sega All Stars Racing and Shadows of The Damned, and today’s is THQ’s and Relic’s strategy game Company of Heroes.

While I was searching for the right word to sum up this game in one word I nearly went with ‘innovative’ or ‘ambitious’ but there is only one word to describe Company of Heroes – revolutionary.

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Dragon Age: Origins – A Review

The developers of such games as Mass Effect and Star Wars: Knights of The Old Republic have produced what is undoubtedly one of the best RPG experiences of 2009 in Dragon Age: Origins, but is it the right game for you? Does it even belong on the Xbox 360?

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Tales of Vesperia – A Review

The Xbox 360 console isn’t exactly renowned for producing world class role playing games, with only a handful available that are worth playing. How does Tales of Vesperia compare to the likes of Lost Odyssey and friends?


For the most part the control system used in Talesof Vesperia is pretty standard stuff, the A button performs actions, Y accesses the menu and so on, but it’s during battles that the gameplay truly shines. Each battle takes place in real time, meaning it’s a frantic button-mashing extravaganza to get those combos flowing before you can be attacked. However there is much more to it than that if you want there to be, such as the ability to plan out strategies for your allies to carry out at your command should you wish to wipe out your opponents with maximum efficiency. There are plenty of options when it comes to fighting meaning battles are always enjoyable, and you can usually choose to fight as and when you want to because there are no random encounters. If you want to fight you can simply engage an enemy, if you’re low on health or items you can simply avoid it

At first the control system during battles might be a little confusing, but after a few fights you should find it all to be quite natural and simple to pull off awesome combos, defensive stances and magic abilities. All in all very few complaints can be made about the gameplay aspect of this title.

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