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Alan & Pete Play – Grand Theft Auto Online and more Dead Island


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Since my previous update we’ve taken this ‘Alan & Pete Play’ thing a lot more seriously, and have uploaded a few more videos of us generally arsing about on both Dead Island and more recently Grand Theft Auto Online.  In the former we attempt to edge ever closer to completing the game (spoiler: we don’t) and invariably get torn apart by zombies, and in the latter we try everything from evading the police to trying to get a jetski down a narrow river.

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DiRT 3 Is Looking Good

Changeable weather is just one of the new features in DiRT 3

Codemasters, the development team behind such game series as TOCA and Race Driver (including Grid) have released a new gameplay trailer for their upcoming racer DiRT 3, and it’s looking good.  Several new features have been showcased including old favourites rallying and rally cross, but new features include Gymkhana (time/speed events involving weaving through cones, tyres, barrels etc), weather conditions that include snow and day/night cycles and a number of new racing locations.

In what has no doubt been devised to persuade people to pre-order the game rather than buy pre-owned as Codemasters won’t see any money on pre-owed sales, people who do pre-order DiRT 3 from selected retailers will receive a special ‘Superteam Pack’ which consists of the following events and cars:

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EA Announce The Sims Medieval

In a piece of news that’s sure to excite fans of The Sims franchise, EA have today announced that they’re working on the latest instalment in the series entitled The Sims Medieval.

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Portal 2 Announced

Portal 2 will be featured in the Gameinformer magazine in April

This news is a day or two old, but it’s interesting to mention all the same. The sequel to 2007’s much-loved puzzle game Portal has been announced by the good people at Steam, you can read the brief piece of text on the subject here.  The game will also be gracing the cover of Gameinformer Magazine next month, which you can see to the right of this post.

Personally, while I enjoyed the first Portal game I’d much prefer the developers to at least give some information on Half Life 2: Episode 3.  Like any Half Life 2 fan I’ve been eagerly awaiting the final episode of the game for far too long, the latest information I read (while not official) was that it won’t even be released this (financial?) year, which is ridiculous.  I can’t help but feel it’s gradually getting sucked into some sort of development hell, not to the extent of Duke Nukem Forever but by now a release date at the very least should have been announced.

Anyway, Portal 2 is great news for fans of the first game, and Kotaku has put together an insiders guide to what we can hope to expect:

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Top 10 Video Games of The Decade

For the final part of my ‘Top 10’ lists we’ll focus on video games.  Millions of gamers will fondly look back on the decade, with the tail end of the original Playstation and Nintendo 64’s lifespan starting us off and ending with the likes of the Xbox 360, PS3 and Wii on top of the world and (for the most part) churning out a constant stream of quality titles.  Franchises have been born and continued, series like Metal Gear Solid and Final Fantasy have continued to wow us and it looks likely that they will continue to do so long into the next decade.

There have been a lot of ups and downs along the way though, namely the RROD problem for Microsoft and Nintendo’s disastrous showing at the E3 convention for both 2009 and more infamously 2008.  With that being said no matter how you look at it the beginning of the 21st century has been memorable.

So, without further ado here are my top 10 video games of the decade in no particular order.

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