If you’ve managed to find this page that (hopefully) means you’re interested in a little background information on yours truly.  Well, as it happens I’m all too happy to oblige.

Because this blog contains basically nothing of a professional nature I won’t be revealing too much about myself, the Internet can be a nasty place and I like to generally remain anonymous.  So with that in mind I generally go by the name of Assassin or AssassinDX online, which stemmed from a nickname I started using in the late 90’s on a website called Uboot.  At first I started out as ‘The Silent Assassin’ but shortened it once the Hitman video game of the same name was released a good two years later, there was only so many times I could tolerate being asked if named myself after the game – for the record I’ve never actually played it.

I was born in England, and I’ve lived and worked in the area all my life.  I currently reside with my girlfriend of nearly eight years and our six year old son, plus a cat called Fluffy which he named.  I campaigned for Bongripper but that went over like a fart in church.

As for the inspiration for this blog, I’m someone who always has a lot on my mind and simply wanted a place to vent my opinions, frustrations and general thoughts on the subjects that interest me.  For example, I’ve been playing video games for more than twenty years, starting with text-based adventure games on my dads old BBCB computer, I’ve been a wrestling fan for almost as long (although not so much these days) and a fan of most sports for several years as well.  I also have a keen interest in world news, politics to an extent and have a thirst for largely useless information and knowledge, so this blog is an ideal place to write that down and hopefully entertain anyone who reads the ramblings of an idiot.

I’m a member of various websites if you want to know more about me in greater depth, for example my embarrassing addiction to the Football Manager franchise, my taste in music and so on.  You can add me as a friend on any of them if you like.

You can also find me as MetalAssassinDX on Xbox Live, and AssassinDX on Steam.


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